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Yoshimura GSX-R1000 2009-16 Camshafts ST-R TYPE-R

Yoshimura GSX-R1000 2009-16 Camshafts ST-R TYPE-R

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Our camshafts are Made in Japan from premium materials. Our cams are precision ground from billet blanks using high-tolerance equipment, not welded and reground. These kits come complete and there's no need for additional purchases. When performance counts, trust Yoshimura.

  • Camshafts w/ adjustable cam sprockets
  • Higher lift and longer duration than stock
  • Base Circle : 27mm (STD 28mm)
  • Engine rev limit can be raised up to 14,000 rpm by EM Pro. (STD 13,500 rpm)
  • MAX LIFT (mm) : IN 10.10mm / EX 8.80mm
  • 1mm DURATION (degrees) : IN 258 degrees / EX 250 degrees
  • Standard Tappet Clearance (mm) : IN 0.13mm / EX 0.15mm
  • May require cylinder head modification

NOTE - These cams are designed with smaller diameter base circle than stock. Additional tappet shims required.

NOTE FOR 2012 GSX-R1000 Models: OEM exhaust camshaft spec has been changed from 2009-2011 to 2012, our race kit camshaft set is required to install with Valve spring seat shim 0.5mm/1 valve on exhaust side, and they are supplied with our current production.

* Cam timing should be set by a qualified mechanic to ensure proper function. Improper installation or cam timing could result in catastrophic engine failure.

Know you’re racing with the best.

Yoshimura R&D is the only authorized distributor in North America for our sister companies Yoshimura Japan (YJP) and Yoshimura Asia (YAT). YJP/YAT develop and test racing components that are un-restricted versions than the choked-down systems which are required for more restrictive marketplaces like Japan and Europe. This imported product is specially configured for less restrictive markets. In other words, you’re getting a custom exhaust that’s perfect for racing in the US market.

What your missing if you don’t buy U.S. spec through us!

  • In-house warranty and technical support
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Full 12-month warranty