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Brock's Window Link Kit Adjustable Ninja H2 15-20  H2 SX / SE 18-20/ Z H2 2020

Brock's Window Link Kit Adjustable Ninja H2 15-20 H2 SX / SE 18-20/ Z H2 2020

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  • Seat height adjustable from +1 1/4" to -1 3/4"
  • New and improved adjustment rods (material change increases tensile strength by 47% + now with rolled threads)
  • Adjustable without removing links from bike
  • Lower center of gravity for lower ETs
  • Raise bike for additional cornering clearance
  • CNC machined aluminum ~ corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Black anodized finish ~ laser etched
  • Complete set weighs only 13 oz.
  • Uses OEM mounting hardware

Innovative ‘window’ allows remaining thread engagement to be visually inspected unlike many other fully-adjustable links on the market. This simple idea can prevent a potentially hazardous situation which could occur if the ends pulled out during the launch or down track. Links allow for ultra-fine rear ride height adjustments without removal from the bike. Corrosion free stainless steel construction with ultra-trick black anodized aluminum ends.

Allows rear ride height adjustments without removing links from bike. Use stock links (and/or calipers) as a guide with equal threads showing in each window, and then count the same number of flats on the adjustment rods on each link to adjust ride height. Use the window as a final inspection.

Note: Window Links™ are not designed for off-road use