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Brock's Ceramic Bearing Set ZX-10R 04-05 and Z900RS/Z900/Z650

Brock's Ceramic Bearing Set ZX-10R 04-05 and Z900RS/Z900/Z650

Brock's Performance
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  • Set includes 2 front and 3 rear bearings 

    for OEM Wheels

  • Quicker elapsed times and higher MPH’s
  • Ceramic bearings offer 40% less friction than steel
  • Less friction = More horsepower
  • 60% less rotating weight
  • Low tension, maintenance free dust seals
  • Mobil® Polyrex® light weight aerospace grease
  • Bearing life 3 to 5 times longer than steel
  • Lower vibration levels
  • Cooler running
  • No extra maintenance required
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in the USA to exacting specifications

Additional Model Fitment:

  • Ninja 650 (17-19)
  • Ninja 650 ABS (17-19)
  • Ninja 650 ABS KRT Edition (17-18)
  • Z650 (17-19)
  • Z650 ABS (17-19)
  • Z900 (17-19)
  • Z900 ABS (17-19)
  • Z900RS (18-20)
  • Z900RS Cafe (18-20)
  • ZX-10R (04-05)


The allure of going faster with less energy is appealing to almost anyone and the latest innovation to make bikes go faster is ceramic wheel bearings. Since the speed of a motorcycle is most determined by the performance of its rotating parts, investing in ceramic wheel bearings by Worldwide Bearings is a logical choice for the serious rider. Look for them in the winner’s circle.

Worldwide Hybrid Ceramic Bearings utilize SAE 52100 high-carbon chromium steel races, this air-melted alloy is clean, hard, and wear resistant, combined with Grade 5 Silicon Nitride balls. All ceramic bearings come with low friction removable seals.

All Worldwide Bearings come with a 2 year warranty.